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Head-Langue Theatre

"  ... like a soothing antidote to urban life, with an underlying possible message that human communication comes down to what is naked to the eye, and needs no words."  - Fringe Report , August 2008

Head – Langue Theatre has always been a theatre of movement, theatre in flux. True to this, we have been going through some changes. Writer/performer and  artistic director Nydia Hetherington has moved from Paris to London and onto new horizons. This site covers her work with the company from its founding.

Head-Langue Theatre was a professional theatre company founded in Paris in 2002 by Nydia Hetherington and other international performers who met at l'Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq

 Head-Langue Theatre explored the fantastical side of quotidian worlds through movement, mask, new writing and sound/music. Physicality was used to create the characters and environment's that would normally only inhabit our dreams and the deepest recesses of our imagination.

Head-Langue was a  theatre which looked at the beauty of the grotesque: the grotesque in our everyday human lives.

The company was originally founded to explore the themes of Christina Rosetti's The Goblin Market'. After this first production Nydia continued as artistic director to  guide the company's journey and experiments in theatre.
Head-Langue Theatre had  a very basic philosophy :
 to discover and to share.